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good menBlog posts “I don’t have to explain my fat to you” and “A letter to my potential admirers: What does my fat body mean to you?” republished on, 2012.


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Conference Screenings: Fat Studies: Reflective Intersections (New Zealand, September 2012); NOLOSE (Oakland, CA; September 2012); American Psychological Association (Orlando, FL; August 2012); American Sociological Association (Denver, CO; August 2012); Popular Culture Association (San Antonio, TX; March 2011).

Film Festival Screenings: Outview Film Festival (Athens, Greece, April 2016); Off Plus Camera: International Festival of Independent Cinema (Poland, March 2012); Women Take the Reel Festival @ MIT (Cambridge, MA; March 2012).


“What is Fat Positivity?: A Fat Activist Round Table Discussion” at University of California, San Diego, May 1, 2015.

“Body Outlaws: Fatness & Conceptions of Health” at University of California, San Diego, February 26, 2014.

“Matters of Size” panel at San Diego State University, April 17, 2013.

“How do you love a ‘bad’ body? Fat activism and the problematics of ‘love your body’ rhetoric” at California State University San Marcos, October 8, 2012.

“Dressing the Fat Body: What Does Fatshion Mean to You?” at NOLOSE conference, Oakland CA September 8, 2012.

“Fat studies, fat activism, and The Fat Body (In)visible” at Oberlin College, May 1, 2012.

“Staring Back: Non-normative Bodies and Agency,” A paper presented at a panel on visibility and embodiment in public at the annual meeting of the Cultural Studies Association, San Diego CA March 29, 2012.

“Toward an Articulation of Fat Culture in America,” A paper presented on the Fat Studies panel at the annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, San Antonio, TX April 22, 2011.



Spring 2012, Issue 54 of Bitch, the Frontier Issue — featured in “Bias Cuts: Voices from the Fatshion Blogosphere” by Brandy Lee Wagner (click image for larger view).

August 2011, the Herald Sun of Australia completely misrepresented my blog post on disability in “Just get off your bums and work” by Susie O’Brien.

November 2010, The Daily Beast — featured in “Fat Studies Go to College” by Eve Binder (you can read my response here).