What is The Good & Plenty?

It’s not licorice candy, that’s for sure! (Because let’s be real here, an actual Good & Plenty is kind of disgusting.)

So now that I’ve successfully alienated the 12% of people in the world who like black licorice… welcome, y’all!

The Good and Plenty is a new blog-like project from the phenomenal lady who brought you the 2010 documentary The Fat Body (In)visible, a once-sorta-tumblr-famous blog called Riots Not Diets, and mixed up idioms like “let’s take this banana stand on the road”.

As a 340-lb fat woman, I am used to living in a world that wants me to be smaller. To take up less space. To be… less.

But I don’t want to be less. In fact, I want to be more.

I want… more shame-free hours at the beach in my bikini. More public and unapologetic kisses with cute dates. More traveling, and transportation that’s accessible to people my size and larger. More clothing options in the styles I like at price points people can actually afford. I want more doctors that look at my actual health instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale. I want fat women, who make less than their thin counterparts, to make more goddamn money. I want more respect for fat bodies. For queer bodies. For black and brown bodies. For disabled bodies. For bodies this world tells us are ugly.

I want more joy. More love. More sex. More food. Yes, I said it — I am a fat woman and I want more food.

Society has told fat people like me our entire lives that we don’t deserve any of this until we can prove our worthiness by losing weight. By becoming less.

When I started Riots Not Diets in 2009 at the tender age of 23, I made a promise to myself that I would give up dieting for good and demand more for myself than rice cakes, Spanx, bariatric surgery, and Weight Watchers points.

Since then, I’ve been living a good life. A plentiful life. An abundant life.

And I wanna be real clear that I don’t mean materially. (Because fuck capitalism, y’all!) I mean that, since choosing to be diet-free, I have opened myself up to all the good things I had previously told myself needed to wait until I was thinner.

I’ve posed naked for a fat positive photography project. I’ve traveled the country talking to college students about body image. My work has been published in books. I’ve gotten sunburns on my belly from the many bikinis I now own. I’ve eaten openly, in public, without shame or fear. I’ve learned to love not only my own body, but other fat bodies, too. I married the love of my life. And I’ve had a lot of really great sex.

(Sorry mom, this is gonna be one of those blogs.)

Which brings me to something else: I’m married… and dating! Two and a half years ago my now-spouse and I decided to open up our relationship, and we haven’t really looked back since.

It’s not all gumdrops and roses, of course. Sometimes being in a fat body is hard. And sometimes spending the night alone while your significant other is out with a hot date is hard, too. But both of these things bring me so much joy that the pain is worth it.

What can I say? I’m a big girl with an even bigger heart.

And that’s what The Good and Plenty is about. Come here for the fat positivity, stay for 101-type guides to non-monogamy, and some potentially pretty shitty poetry. But most of all let’s love ourselves — and each other — more.

Consider this is an invitation to open yourself up to more — or at least laugh and cry along with me as I do!

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